Forex Trading in Singapore

Copy Trading Singapore

Forex Copy Trading in Singapore - Why is it so popular?Forex Copy trading in Singapore allows traders to copy the trades placed by an Expert trader automatically. The traders can decide the amount they want to invest and copy all trades of professional traders automatically in their account in real-time. If the trader you are copying places a trade, the same trade appears in your account at a predefined lot size. That's the reason Forex Copy Trading is popular among traders in...

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Managed Forex Trading Accounts Singapore

Managed Forex Trading Accounts - SingaporeManaged Forex Accounts in Singapore When one or more professional traders manage your Forex account and trade for you, it is called a Managed Forex Account. The professional traders give you their service in exchange for a part of the profit they generate in your account. The Managed Forex account fees vary from 10 % of profit to 40% of profit share. The management fee is payable only when there is a profit in your account. If there is no profit, there...

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